Compressive Properties of Micro-spherical SiO2 Particles

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Department of Chemistry and Materials Science
Inorganic Materials Modelling
Borealis Polymers Oy
Degree programme
Advances in Powder and Ceramic Materials Science, The Minerals, Metals & Materials Series
Micron-sized, spherical SiO2 particles are important various industrial applications, such as in heterogeneous catalyst preparation. In particular, many of industrially relevant olefin polymerization catalysts are currently prepared using micro-spherical silica as catalyst support. In large-scale catalytic polyolefin production, the quality of the final product, as well as the process efficiency is crucially dependent on overall consistency, quality, physico-chemical properties of the catalyst. As the catalyst particle experiences various stresses during the polymer particle growth, mechanical properties of catalyst play a key role in its performance in the polymerization process. However, there is currently a lack of experimental mechanical property measurements of micron-sized, spherical SiO2 particles relevant for the polyolefin catalyst production. In this work, compressive properties of commercial porous micro-spherical silicas were studied using a quasi-static micro-compression method. The method includes compressing single, micron-sized particles in controlled loading conditions. From the measurements, the compressive elastic-plastic properties of these particles can be determined.
Micro-compression, micro-spherical silica, catalysts
Other note
Hellsten , N , Karttunen , A , Engblom , C , Reznichenko , A & Rantala , E 2020 , Compressive Properties of Micro-spherical SiO2 Particles . in Advances in Powder and Ceramic Materials Science . The Minerals, Metals & Materials Series , Springer , pp. 57-66 , TMS Annual Meeting and Exhibition , San Diego , California , United States , 23/02/2020 .