Fabricated Tectonics: Two Shared Concepts in Architecture and Textile

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School of Arts, Design and Architecture | Master's thesis
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Master's Degree Programme in Spatial Design
Tilasuunnittelun maisteriohjelma
What will be studied in this thesis are two concepts shared by architecture and textile. The first area studies the tension between ornament and structure and how this appears on both the facade design of buildings as well as in textiles. The second concept relates to the 'dressing' of structures, which examines structure systems as a whole in textile and architecture. The principles discussed are abstract, but can be applied within existing architectural and textile practices. The body of work is generated by artistic and research based methods. Once the research question was decided, the problem began to be processed by drawing and weaving prototypes. In addition to this, it was necessary to contextualize the thesis question by researching within the field of architecture. The research provided a historical and theoretical base, which supplemented the artistic production. Both methods were used equally and simultaneously throughout the thesis. This thesis seeks a new outlook on existing dilemmas within the practices of architecture and textile. Current developments in material usage and representation on building facades have raised the question of architectural ornamentation again. The two concepts are looked at within a historical context, revealing these issues to be persistent and universal by nature. Consisting of two clear parts, the thesis has been divided into two separate books. The first part, which contains text supplemented by pictures, examines theoretical debates by architects and theorists. The theories are relevant to the topic and are illustrated by examples of architecture and textile. Even though the theoretical debates focus on architectural development, they are applicable within the con- text of textile also. The second book catalogues the content of the exhibition in pictures and text. Examples of woven textiles paired with architectural drawings contribute to the arguments presented by demonstrating these abstract concepts in a visible, concrete manner. These textiles and drawings represent both the byproduct of the research process as well as the content of the final exhibition.
Kareoja, Pentti
Thesis advisor
Maarit, Salolainen
architecture, textile, tectonics, structure, ornament, weaving, curtain wall
Other note
  • Exhibition, 17-25.10.2013, Hämeentie 135 C, 7th floor in front of the elevators next to the spatial and furniture design department.