Study of Thermodynamic Properties of L-serine and L-threonine in Aqueous Solutions of 1- (2-carboxyethyl)-3-methylimidazolium chloride [HOOCEMIM][Cl]

dc.contributorAalto Universityen
dc.contributor.authorAssadzadeh, Behnaz
dc.contributor.authorMajdan-Cegincara, Roghayeh
dc.contributor.authorZafarani-Moattar, Mohammed Taghi
dc.contributor.departmentDepartment of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering
dc.contributor.departmentIslamic Azad University
dc.contributor.departmentUniversity of Tabriz
dc.description.abstractThe stability of amino acids in solutions containing electrolytes and the effect of ambient pH on their biological activity is an important research area. In this research work, the volumetric and transport properties of ionic liquid (IL) aqueous solution with special performance of 1-(2-carboxyethyl)-3-methylimidazolium chloride ([HOOCEMIM][Cl]) were studied. The selected IL acts as an electrolyte and allows the study of systems containing amino acids at acidic pH. In this work, the density, speed of sound and viscosity of binary and ternary solutions of IL in aqueous solution of amino acids in the structure of proteins, namely l-serine and l-threonine within IL molality range of (0.05, 0.07 and 0.09 mol·kg −1) were measured at 298.15 K. From these quantities, apparent molar volume, limiting apparent molar volume, apparent molar isentropic compression, limiting apparent molar isentropic compression, transfer standard volumes for amino acids from water to the aqueous IL solutions and viscosity B-coefficients were calculated using the equations of Redlich–Meyer and Jones–Dole. Close examination of literature indicates that there is no data for water activity for solution of l-serine + H 2O at 308.15 and 318.15 K. In this way water activity, osmotic coefficient and vapor pressure were measured and using the interaction parameters of Wilson, NRTL, NRF-NRTL and UNIQUAC models, activity coefficient values of l-serine calculated.en
dc.description.versionPeer revieweden
dc.identifier.citationAssadzadeh , B , Majdan-Cegincara , R & Zafarani-Moattar , M T 2023 , ' Study of Thermodynamic Properties of L-serine and L-threonine in Aqueous Solutions of 1- (2-carboxyethyl)-3-methylimidazolium chloride [HOOCEMIM][Cl] ' , Journal of Solution Chemistry , vol. 52 , no. 3 , pp. 343-363 .
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dc.relation.ispartofseriesJournal of Solution Chemistryen
dc.relation.ispartofseriesVolume 52, issue 3en
dc.titleStudy of Thermodynamic Properties of L-serine and L-threonine in Aqueous Solutions of 1- (2-carboxyethyl)-3-methylimidazolium chloride [HOOCEMIM][Cl]en
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