Notification Brokering Algorithm for Smartphones

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Sähkötekniikan korkeakoulu | Master's thesis
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Networking Technology
Degree programme
TLT - Master’s Programme in Communications Ecosystem (TS2005)
The widespread usage of smartphones brought many advantages to our daily lives since people are able to handle so many things just by touching a screen. On the other hand, this trend started to cause various problems such as distraction, low task performance, high error rate, emotional distress, annoyance and many others due to spoiling character of the notifications. The increase of average number of mobile applications and data usage has consolidated the lack of balance between disturbance and communication since users are being bombarded with notifications every day. This research focuses to provide a new computational method to optimize the tradeoff between communication and disturbance by prioritizing and filtering the notifications, as well as deciding the right use of modalities. To achieve these goals, the problem is represented with mathematical formulas and realistic scenarios. To optimize the communication and disturbance tradeoff, techniques such as on-line scheduling, probabilistic modeling and multiple resource theory are used, and a simulation GUI is built in order to be able to follow the results more effectively. Results show that it is possible optimize the mentioned tradeoff and maintain the desired balance by re-scheduling the incoming messages, sending important notifications and using the right modalities. Different modality decisions for varying user selections allow the algorithm to control the total amount of disturbance. As a consequence of on-line scheduling, messages with higher priorities always have the greater percentage of being sent but on the other hand some acceptable delays in the notifications are observed.
Oulasvirta, Antti
Thesis advisor
Feit, Anna
notifications, multiple respurce theory, context-aware computing, scheduling