How visual artists find employment in the Finnish game industry

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School of Arts, Design and Architecture | Master's thesis
P1 OPINNÄYTTEET D 2015 Sääksjärvi
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The aim of this Master’s thesis was to study the various ways artists in Finland get employed and finding possible quantifiable patterns in methods of achieved employment. The subjects of the thesis are the game artists in Finland who are currently working or have worked in the industry. The thesis illustrates how game artists in Finland acquired their first job, as well as how the artists use their portfolio, connections and education as tools when applying for a job. In addition, the profile of a typical game artists is depicted. The purpose of this thesis is not only to find the answers for employment, but also to make artists a more visible segment of the game industry. The research consisted of 7 semi-structured interviews conducted with artists. Additionally, 90 artists participated in a survey. The interviews consisted of 4 themes along with 11 questions. The survey was structured with 9 questions. Furthermore, the author studied a great deal of literature that had been written about the game industry and its employees. In this thesis, the findings are seen from an artist’s point of view, rather than the game companies perspective. As a result of the research, the most common ways for artists in to obtain a job in the Finnish game industry was presented. Consequently, the artists opinions and usage of the portfolio, connections and education were placed out and the profile of the typical game artists was identified. Similarities with the literature was found, but also contrasts and new findings. The results of the research can be adapted by artists in the beginning of their careers and also by those who are interested in the occupation of a game artist. This thesis helps the artists to understand the power behind the combination of a solid portfolio and connections, with education as a supportive component.
Vuori, Rasmus
Thesis advisor
Junnila, Miikka
game, artist, employment, Finnish game industry
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