The digitalisation of worksite benefits programs from a product development perspective

dc.contributorAalto Universityen
dc.contributor.advisorCiolfi Felice, Marianela
dc.contributor.authorElodi, Márton
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dc.contributor.supervisorFernaeus, Ylva
dc.description.abstractThis research presents a way for digitalising worksite benefits programs. The related work analysis and results of user interviews showed the important role of benefits programs in the wellbeing of employees, and as a result in company performance and employer branding. However, shortcomings were discovered in the current format of worksite programs and suggested that digital transformation might help to address these shortcomings. The research used semi-structured interviews and analysis, user journey mapping, prototyping, and heuristic evaluation methods to deliver the concept of an employee insurance wallet. Furthermore, the research stepped beyond product design and presented a comprehensive framework for developing, monitoring, and operating such digital worksite benefit product. The framework incorporates stakeholder needs to ensure business success and user-centred design methodology to embrace usability and engagement principles. According to the research results, the real-life version of the product was developed.en
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dc.subject.keywordinsurance technologyen
dc.titleThe digitalisation of worksite benefits programs from a product development perspectiveen
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