Design and applications of optical microsphere resonators

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Doctoral thesis (article-based)
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Helsinki University of Technology publications in engineering physics. A, 821
Microscopic spherical silica particles, as small as 0.1 mm in diameter, can function as optical whispering-gallery-mode resonators supporting Q-values of 108 and beyond. Such enormously high quality factors represent unique performance characteristics: an extremely narrow resonant linewidth, long decay time and a high energy density. Envisioned uses for these miniature high-Q resonators include, for example, cavity-QED experimentation, detection and sensing, frequency stabilization, and optical filtering functions. Until recently, the primary obstacle discouraging applications-oriented development of microsphere resonators has been the fundamental novelty of the various fabrication and handling processes involved – especially in the construction of the advanced optical couplers necessary for efficient sphere mode excitation. In this thesis, novel coupler designs and fabrication methods are presented. New microsphere resonator applications are demonstrated as well, including a narrow-band wavelength-drop device and an acceleration sensor. The most important invention is the antiresonant waveguide coupler, SPARROW, which allows inexpensive and consistent wafer-based fabrication of very efficient microsphere coupling tools.
microsphere, optical resonator, whispering-gallery mode
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