ICT Enabled Business Model to Modern China Elderly-care Service

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Perustieteiden korkeakoulu | Master's thesis
Service Design and Engineering
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Master's Programme in Service Design and Engineering (SDE)
The aging population was becoming an unavoidable global problem especially in the largest developing country, China in past 20 years. Apparently the traditional elderly-care approach has been being lowly productive and leading more and more social problems by time. But in the other hand, it is a great opportunity to the modern elderly-care business vendors world-widely to introducing new innovative ICT enabled elderly-care services. To understand the true demands in the market and identify a business model enabled by ICT approaches are important to the industry and society. In this paper, the research work aims at the home elderly-care mode which is currently the major one in China and to identify the key demands of elderly-care service locating at the daily supports to the elderly’s safety and health issues with low costs by ICT approaches and creation of new connections between the elderly and their family. To resolve the above concerns, the architecture design of business model by framework of business modeling Canvas was implemented and a piloting project which was applying the ICT enabled business model was carried out in two Chinese cities Wuhan and Zhongshan to verify the feasibility of work. As result of the piloting projects, it demonstrated that the ICT enabled elderly-service was a feasible and productive way to solve the aging problem in China society. But besides to satisfy the safety and health requirements of elderly users and their family, it is also important to collaborate with the public sectors, 3rd party service providers and telecom operators to establish an ecosystem for elderly-care industry. The ICT enabled business model to modern elderly-care service is a developing subject and the business model and piloting project introduced in the paper would be a useful attempt which may lead to the innovative solution of aging problem.
Mäntylä, Martti
Thesis advisor
Itälä, Timo
aging problem, business model of elderly-care service, information management platform, ICT methods