In-situ Monitoring of Photocontrollable Wrinkle Erasure in Azobenzene-based Supramolecular Systems

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ChemPhysChem, articlenumber e202300153
In this contribution, dynamic photoinduced wrinkle erasure enabled by photomechanical changes in supramolecular polymer-azo complexes was characterized via confocal microscopy. Different photoactive molecules, disperse yellow 7 (DY7) and 4,4′-dihydroxyazobenzene (DHAB), were compared to 4-hydroxy-4′-dimethylaminoazobenzene (OH-azo-DMA). The characteristic erasure times of wrinkles were quickly assessed by using an image processing algorithm. The results confirm that the photoinduced movement on the topmost layer can be successfully transferred to the substrate. Furthermore, the chosen supramolecular strategy allows decoupling the effect of molecular weight of the polymer and photochemistry of the chromophore, allowing quantitative comparison of wrinkling erasure efficiency of different materials and providing a facile way to optimize the system for specific applications.
| openaire: EC/H2020/949648/EU//ModelCom Funding Information: Academy of Finland project SUPER‐WEAR (decision number 322214) and PREIN (decision number 320167), as well as Horizon Europe project “ModelCom” (grant agreement number 949648) are gratefully acknowledged for funding. This work utilized the facilities of RAMI national research infrastructure based at Aalto University. In addition, Yujiao Dong acknowledges Tytti Kärki from Active Matter group in the Department of Applied Physics Aalto University School of Science, for the help with confocal microscope. Publisher Copyright: © 2023 The Authors. ChemPhysChem published by Wiley-VCH GmbH.
Azo compounds, confocal microscope, photocontrollable wrinkle erasure, supramolecular chemistry
Dong , Y , Silva , P E S , Timonen , J V I & Vapaavuori , J 2023 , ' In-situ Monitoring of Photocontrollable Wrinkle Erasure in Azobenzene-based Supramolecular Systems ' , ChemPhysChem , vol. 24 , no. 13 , e202300153 .