Subtle Ground: Feeling our ways towards a supportive method in ceramic practice

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dc.contributor.authorFalin, Priska
dc.contributor.authorFelcey, Helen
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dc.description.abstractThis exposition focuses on the exploration and development of Subtle Ground, a method that directs attention during and through making with clay, in the context of creative practices in ceramics. The method takes a non-conventional approach to making; it focuses on being with the material instead of pursuing a conclusion in the creative process. The method directs the practitioner to follow aesthetic qualities in making understood from a pragmatist view on having an experience. In this exposition, the focus is on the author's collaborative work that has shaped the Subtle Ground method, particularly the workshop ‘Sensorial Ground’. In Subtle Ground, the idea of dwelling is emphasized offering the specific approach to making. The method consists of a series of exercises that direct attention towards subtle sense perception within the body. Through working with the Subtle Ground method, we suggest that it is possible to begin to understand the embodied dimension and how it influences creative practice. The Subtle Ground method has been built on the clay’s supportive qualities, bringing together sense perception and physicality, thus understanding the practice’s aesthetic qualities and connections to meditation.en
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dc.identifier.citationFalin , P & Felcey , H 2022 , ' Subtle Ground: Feeling our ways towards a supportive method in ceramic practice ' , JAR: JOURNAL FOR ARTISTIC RESEARCH , no. 27 .
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dc.subject.keywordEmbodied dimension
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dc.subject.keywordAesthetic experience
dc.subject.keywordCreative practice
dc.titleSubtle Ground: Feeling our ways towards a supportive method in ceramic practiceen
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