Parametrization, auralization, and authoring of room acoustics for virtual reality applications

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Doctoral thesis (article-based)
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Virtual room acoustics
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74, [86]
Report / Helsinki University of Technology, Laboratory of Acoustics and Audio Signal Processing, Raportti / Teknillinen korkeakoulu, akustiikan ja äänenkäsittelytekniikan laboratorio, 70
The primary goal of this work has been to develop means to represent acoustic properties of an environment with a set of spatial sound related parameters. These parameters are used for creating virtual environments, where the sounds are expected to be perceived by the user as if they were listened to in a corresponding real space. The virtual world may consist of both visual and audio components. Ideally in such an application, the sound and the visual parts of the virtual scene are in coherence with each other, which should improve the user immersion in the virtual environment. The second aim was to verify the feasibility of the created sound environment parameter set in practice. A virtual acoustic modeling system was implemented, where any spatial sound scene, defined by using the developed parameters, can be rendered audible in real time. In other words the user can listen to the auralized sound according to the defined sound scene parameters. Thirdly, the authoring of creating such parametric sound scene representations was addressed. In this authoring framework, sound scenes and an associated visual scene can be created to be further encoded and transmitted in real time to a remotely located renderer. The visual scene counterpart was created as a part of the multimedia scene acting simultaneously as a user interface for renderer-side interaction.
virtual acoustics, room acoustic modeling, 3D sound, sound scene description, MPEG-4, authoring
Other note
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