Reorganizing the relationship of digital library resources and physical learning environments

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Services | D3 Artikkeli ammatillisessa konferenssijulkaisussa
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Introduction. This preliminary study examines the application of contemporary practice-based approaches to generate data for guiding the design of information literacy learning environments. Method. This study was conducted by interviewing three engineering students who were participating at the Tools for master’s thesis course arranged by Aalto University Library’s Otaniemi Campus Library. The interview’s structure was two-fold, as it first sketched out the participant’s master’s thesis practices through Schatzki’s site ontology and secondly examined the perceived value of different information literacy learning tasks on the latter. Results. The master’s thesis practices of the interviewees were networked in complex ways with e.g. economic life and the interviewees invested much in them. Two of the interviewees worked with their thesis full-time with surroundings and tools provided by their employer. The interviewees valued most the lecture, which comprised of narratives of completed master’s thesis projects and the lecture of scientific writing. From the asynchronous online learning tasks, the interviewees valued most the information retrieval task and the concept map exercise. Conclusion. Spatial library spaces could be provided with asynchronous content such as descriptions of the library services through the tasks of the central user groups and e.g. introductory videos to information retrieval techniques. These contents could be spatially located so that they would serve as facile entrance points to the mobile digital library. The practice-based approaches seem to provide a fertile way of examining student learning and insights gained through them may prove to be valuable in designing new information literacy learning environments.
blended learning, learning environments, information literacy, learning hubs, libraries as collaborative hubs, e-learning, practice theory, practice-based approaches
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Rousi, Antti M. & Fosmire, Michael. & Maijala, Risto & Branch, Benjamin & Kong, Nicole. 2014. Reorganizing the relationship of digital library resources and physical learning environments. The 35th IATUL conference, Espoo, Finland on 2-5 June 2014. P. 11. 0966-4769 (printed).