Synchronous Resonant Control Technique to Address Power Grid Instability Problems Due to High Renewables Penetration

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Energies, Volume 11, issue 9
This paper presents a synchronous resonant control strategy based on the inherent characteristics of permanent magnet synchronous generators (PMSG) for the control of power converters to provide stable operating conditions for the power grid under high penetration of renewable energy resources (RERs). The proposed control technique is based on the small signal linearization of a dynamic model with grid specifications, load-current-based voltages, and power converter currents. A combination of the linearized dynamic model with the PMSG swing equation and resonant controller leads to a control technique with synchronous features and appropriate inertia for the control of converter-based power generators. As the main contribution of this work, an extra functionality is proposed in the control loop of the proposed model to solve the inherent inconveniences of conventional synchronous generators. Also, a comprehensive collaboration between interfaced converter specifications and PMSG features is achieved as another contribution of the proposed control technique, and this can guarantee accurate performance under various conditions. A current perturbation curve is introduced to assess the variations of the grid frequency and voltage magnitude under operation of the interfaced converters controlled by the proposed control technique. Moreover, by taking into account the load-based voltages, the effects of the current perturbation components are investigated. The proposed model is simulated in MATLAB/Simulink environment to verify the high performance of the proposed control technique over the other existing control methods.
| openaire: EC/FP7/309048/EU//SINGULAR
renevable energies, synchronous resonant control theory, current perturbation curve, grid voltage, frequency regulation
Other note
Mehrasa , M , Pouresmaeil , E , Pournazarian , B , Sepehr , A , Marzband , M & Catalão , J P S 2018 , ' Synchronous Resonant Control Technique to Address Power Grid Instability Problems Due to High Renewables Penetration ' , Energies , vol. 11 , no. 9 , en11092469 .