Release Mechanism of Volatile Products from Oil Shale Pressure-Controlled Pyrolysis Induced by Supercritical Carbon Dioxide

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ACS Omega, Volume 7, issue 50
The compactness of the oil shale reservoir and the complexity of the pore structure lead to the secondary reaction of kerogen in the process of hydrocarbon expulsion, which reduces the effective recovery of shale oil. In this paper, supercritical carbon dioxide was used as a heat carrier and a displacement medium. In a self-designed fluidized bed experimental system for pressure-controlled pyrolysis of oil shale, the experiments of oil shale pyrolysis under standard atmospheric pressure and 7.8-8.0 MPa pressure in nitrogen and carbon dioxide atmospheres were completed. The extraction efficiency of supercritical carbon dioxide at low temperature is obvious, but with the increase of temperature, the effect of extraction on pyrolysis is lower than that of temperature. Under a nitrogen atmosphere, the secondary reaction of shale oil is mainly secondary pyrolysis and aromatization. However, in a supercritical carbon dioxide atmosphere, the main reactions are secondary addition and aromatization. In addition, compared with that in the standard atmospheric pressure, it was found that the olefin synthesis reaction was obviously inhibited under a high-pressure nitrogen or supercritical carbon dioxide atmosphere.
Funding Information: This experimental work was supported by “the Open Fund for Research on the Control Mechanism of Gas Injection Parameters on the Coking Degree in the Product Migration Process of the National Oil Shale Exploitation Research and Development Center”, “the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities, grant number 2021QN1002”,“The Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province, grant number BK20221133”, the “China Postdoctoral Science Foundation, grant number 2021M693421”, “Laboratory opening project of China University of Mining and Technology in 2021, grant number 2021SYF97” and “The 2021 Jiangsu Shuangchuang (Mass Innovation and Entrepreneurship) Talent Program, grant number JSSCBS20211238”. The authors also express their appreciation for the technical reviewers for their constructive comments. Publisher Copyright: © 2022 The Authors. Published by American Chemical Society.
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Zhao, S, Su, J, Wu, J & Xiaoshu, L 2022, ' Release Mechanism of Volatile Products from Oil Shale Pressure-Controlled Pyrolysis Induced by Supercritical Carbon Dioxide ', ACS Omega, vol. 7, no. 50, pp. 47330-47340 .