Bit Bang 7: Future of Energy

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C2 Toimitettu kirja, kokoomateos, konferenssijulkaisu tai lehden erikoisnumero
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This book is the 7th in the Bit Bang series of books produced as multidisciplinary teamwork exercises by doctoral students participating in the course Bit Bang 7: Future of Energy at Aalto University during the academic year 2014–2015. The course aims at fostering teamwork and multidisciplinary collaboration, as well as providing participants with a global, futurecentric perspective on the energy sector. The growing global demand for energy and diminishing natural resources are driving the development of eco-efficient energy sources, new ways of doing business, and designing our living environment. Bit Bang 7 addresses the topic of energy sources and technologies from the perspective of their economic, environmental and social sustainability. The course elaborates on the interconnectedness of these phenomena, and links them to possible future scenarios, global megatrends and ethical considerations. Will we see disruptive changes in our energy future? Can we impact consumption patterns, ways of doing business, and our way of life? Are we creating a sustainable future for the generations to come? Working in teams, the students set out to answer questions related to the changing energy sector and to brainstorm radical scenarios of what the future could hold. This joint publication contains articles produced as teamwork assignments for the course, in which the students were encouraged to take novel and radical views on the future of energy. The Bit Bang series of courses is supported by the Multidisciplinary Institute of Digitalisation and Energy (MIDE). Previous Bit Bang publications are available from http:/
MIDE-tutkimusohjelma, energy, energy sources, energy consumption, urbanisation, sustainability, renewable energies, cities, consumption, climate change, future of energy, fossil fuels
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