External Media Announcement Approach For Media Resource Function Processor

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Master's thesis
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Announcement application service is a multimedia service in IMS which plays media (audio/video) announcements to the User Equipment (UE). This thesis studies Media Resource Function Processor (MRFP), a key network component in IMS which is responsible for the announcement application service. This thesis looks into the MRFP architecture and tries to find a feasible and alternative approach to handle media announcements. The factors this thesis concentrates on are: (1) primarily, the limited availability of memory to store the media announcements within the MRFP, and (2) the possibility to reduce the number of Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) reserved for playing announcements. For a possible solution to the above mentioned research questions, this thesis proposes an external announcement approach to provide the announcement service.This is studied by using a separate server outside the MRFP node to store all the media announcement files. In this thesis, the external announcement approach is studied by using three different protocols - RTSP, HTTP or FTP as the interface between the MRFP node and the external server. The impact on the software architecture of MRFP due to the external announcement approach is studied. Also, a prototype is built to test the performance of the external announcement approach in an emulated Wide Area Network (WAN) environment. One other key area of study made in this thesis is to use the existing limited MRFP memory as a cache. The number of requests made to the external server to fetch the announcement files can be decreased by implementing an effective caching algorithm in the MRFP, which improves the performance. The study made shows that Greedy Dual-Size Popularity (GDSP) algorithm can be a relevant and very effective caching mechanism in MRFP. Through this work, it is demonstrated that an effective announcement service can be achieved in MRFP by using an external server.
Manner, Jukka
Thesis advisor
Pitkäranta, Leena
IMS, MRFP, announcement service, external media announcements, RTSP, HTTP, FTP, caching algorithm
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