Effect of a magnetospheric compression on Jovian radio emissions : In situ case study using Juno data

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Journal of geophysical research: Space physics
During its polar orbits around Jupiter, Juno often crosses the boundaries of the Jovian magnetosphere (namely the magnetopause and bow shock). From the boundary locations, the upstream solar wind dynamic pressure can be inferred, which in turn illustrates the state of compression or relaxation of the system. The aim of this study is to examine Jovian radio emissions during magnetospheric compressions, in order to determine the relationship between the solar wind and Jovian radio emissions. In this paper, we give a complete list of bow shock and magnetopause crossings (from June 2016 to August 2022), and the associated solar wind dynamic pressure and standoff distances inferred from Joy et al. (2002). We then select two sets of magnetopause crossings with moderate to strong compression of the magnetosphere for two case studies of the response of the Jovian radio emissions. We confirm that magnetospheric compressions lead to the activation of new radio sources. Newly-activated broadband kilometric emissions are observed almost simultaneously with compression of the magnetosphere, with sources covering a large range of longitudes. Decametric emission sources are seen to be activated more than one rotation later only at specific longitudes and dusk local times. Finally, the activation of narrowband kilometric radiation is not observed until the magnetosphere is in its expansion phase.
| openaire: EC/H2020/101101005/EU//SYCOS
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Louis, C K, Jackman, C M, Hospodarsky, G, Hackett, A OK, Devon‐Hurley, E, Zarka, P, Kurth, W S, Ebert, R W, Weigt, D M, Fogg, A R, Waters, J E, McEntee, S C, Connerney, J E P, Louarn, P, Levin, S & Bolton, S J 2023, ' Effect of a magnetospheric compression on Jovian radio emissions : In situ case study using Juno data ', Journal of geophysical research: Space physics, vol. 128, no. 9 . https://doi.org/10.1029/2022JA031155