Usability and User Experience Evaluation of EUDAT Services. Use Case: Aalto Data Repository.

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Perustieteiden korkeakoulu | Master's thesis
Service Design and Engineering
Degree programme
Master's Programme in ICT Innovation
The amount of generated research data is growing exponentially. Following this trend, many universities and research institutes require their researchers to plan research data management before commencing a new research project. Research data is a valuable product of research process. Without proper management, the value of research data cannot be utilized properly. As the largest university in Finland in the field of engineering, Aalto University has defined its research data management policy. The policy aims to make research data management easier and it requires Aalto University to find the most suitable platforms to be used for its research data management. Currently Aalto University has four available options for its research data management platform and EUDAT services are considered as one of the best candidate for Aalto University research data management platform. EUDAT is a pan European project which offers common data services and it is funded by European Union. However, it is still unclear how useful EUDAT services would be for researchers in Aalto University. This thesis evaluates the current state of usability and user experience of four EUDAT services: B2DROP, B2SHARE, B2FIND, and B2ACCESS. In addition to that, this thesis also evaluates the functionalities that are available on those services. There are two usability evaluation methods that are used to evaluate EUDAT services: feature inspection and usability testing. The results from those two evaluations show that B2DROP and B2FIND have few usability problems and the available functionalities are good enough for researchers in Aalto University. On the other hand, the results show that B2SHARE and B2ACCESS need to be improved significantly before it can be widely used by researchers in Aalto University. This mainly caused by existing usability problems with significant impact that need to be fixed first.
Heljanko, Keijo
Thesis advisor
De Angeli, Antonella
Maarala, Altti Ilari
usability, user experience, EUDAT, research data, common data services, data management
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