What to Gain from Trade Show Information - an Empirical Study

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School of Business | Master's thesis
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Trade show is generally considered to be an effective marketing tool for products and services, but it also has an important role as information-sharing platform between trade show participants. This study examines what kind of value trade show information has for the companies attending a B2B trade show. In this study, the value of trade show information was measured by using the Return On Trade Show Information – model (RTSI) developed by Bettis-Outland, Cromartie, Johnston and Borders (2010). Using this framework, it was studied how information acquistion, dissemination and use, as well as quality of information impact on the tangible and intangible outcomes of trade show participation. In addition, the RTSI model was developed further and objective setting for information was included in the model. Quantitative methods were used to carry out the research. The data for this study was collected through an online questionnaire targeted to both exhibitors and visitors of a B2B trade show. The survey was sent out to 3550 trade show attendees of which 450 completed the questionnaire resulting a total response rate of 12,9 %. Two multiple regression models were used to analyze the data. The findings of this study show that information acquisition, dissemination and use have all significant impact on information value. These findings are in line with previous research on RTSI. In addition, this study has been able to demonstrate that quality of information has positive relationship with information value. Also, the objective setting was found to have significant impact on tangible and intangible outcomes of trade show participation.
Thesis advisor
Mattila, Pekka
Gloukhovtsev, Alexei
trade shows, information value, market orientation, multiple regression model
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