Generating resources through co-evolution of entrepreneurs and ecosystems

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Journal of Enterprising Communities: People and Places in the Global Economy, Volume 10, Issue 4
Purpose – The emerging perspectives of entrepreneurial ecosystems, bricolage and effectuationhighlight the interaction between the entrepreneur and the surrounding community, and its potentialfor creative resource acquisition and utilization. However, empirical work on how this process actuallyunfolds remains scarce. This paper aims to study the interaction between the opportunity constructionprocess and the development of resources in the surrounding ecosystem. Design/methodology/approach – This paper is a qualitative analysis of the extreme case of AaltoEntrepreneurship Society (Aaltoes), a newly founded organization successfully promotingentrepreneurship within a university merger with virtually no resources, based on interviews of six keycontributors and four stakeholder organisations. Findings – The opportunity construction process both supported and was supported by two keyresource generating mechanisms. Formulating and opportunistically reformulating the agenda forincreasing potential synergy laid the groundwork for mutual benefit. Proactive concretization enhancedboth initial resource allocation and sustaining input to the process through offering tangible instancesof specific opportunities and feedback. Research limitations/implications – Although based on a single case study in a university setting,proactive concretization emerges as a promising direction for further investigations of the benefits anddynamics of entrepreneur– ecosystem interaction in the opportunity construction process. Practical implications – Intentionally creating beneficial entrepreneur– ecosystem interaction andteaching proactive concretization becomes a key goal for educators of entrepreneurship. Originality/value – The paper extends an understanding of creative resource generation and utilizationin the opportunity construction process. The role of proactive concretization was emphasized in theinteraction of the entrepreneur and the ecosystem, creating virtuous spirals of entrepreneurial activity.
Resource mobilization, Proactivity, Bricolage, Effectuation, Resource generation, Entrepreneurial behaviour, Opportunity construction
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Björklund, Tua A. & Krueger, Norris F.. 2016. Generating resources through co-evolution of entrepreneurs and ecosystems. Journal of Enterprising Communities: People and Places in the Global Economy. Volume 10, Issue 4. 477-498. 20. 1750-6204 (printed). DOI: 10.1108/jec-10-2016-063.