Load carrying capacity of ice-strengthened frames under idealized ice load and boundary conditions

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Marine Structures, Volume 58
Overload response of the stiffening frames in ship side structure due to ice loading is an important design consideration for ships operating in ice infested waters. By overload, we mean loads that are larger than assumed by the rules. Therefore, the response of ice strengthened grillage frames is investigated under a range of idealized rectangular pressure patches and by assuming different boundary conditions for the structural units. A flat, representative grillage of an ice-strengthened ship is considered and analysed using non-linear Finite Element Method. The response of the grillage frames is compared with the isolated frame response. Two frame types are considered: flatbars and L-frames. Finite element simulations revealed that patch length has strong effect on the frame deformation mode. The key characteristic that differentiates the response under shorter and longer patches is the longitudinal membrane stretching of the shell plating. Longer patches tend to suppress this deformation mode that leads to similar frame behaviour observed in isolated frame analysis. It is further shown that overload capacity of grillage frames reduces with increasing patch length to levels observed in isolated frame analysis. Analysis of plastic strain development in the frames and plating revealed that plastic strain localized faster in frames, but shell plating is more sensitive to patch height variations. This renders frames more susceptible to fracture than plating. Finally, the local failure mechanisms of the L-frames tend to diminish the load sharing capability and so negatively affects the overload behaviour.
Fracture, Ice loads, Limit states, Numerical simulations, Ship structures
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Kõrgesaar, M, Kujala, P & Romanoff, J 2018, ' Load carrying capacity of ice-strengthened frames under idealized ice load and boundary conditions ', Marine Structures, vol. 58, pp. 18-30 . https://doi.org/10.1016/j.marstruc.2017.10.011