Heavy Metals Decontamination Using a Renewable Source: Biochar

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Journal of Water Technology and Treatment Methods, Volume 4, issue 1
This research paper aims to address the issue of heavy metal contamination, which poses a significant threat to the environment and human health. Heavy metals are toxic compounds that occur naturally in the Earth’s crust, but they have become a major problem due to their discharge into soil and water streams by industrial and agricultural activities. This paper proposes the use of biochar as a potential solution for heavy metal removal. Biochar is a porous and carbonaceous material that can be obtained from biomass through pyrolysis. It can be used to reduce waste biomass, increase soil fertility, decrease nutrient leaching, and adsorb organic and inorganic contaminants, such as heavy metals. The aim of this project is to test the efficiency of different biochar samples obtained from various biomass in the adsorption of heavy metals. The study will evaluate the performance of various ligneous essences in adsorbing the most common heavy metals, and the pH of the water will be adjusted to further test their capability. The release tests will be conducted to determine whether the metal can be released over time at different pH values. The results of this study will contribute to the development of effective and sustainable solutions for heavy metal removal.
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Caro , S , Costamagna , G , Ginepro , M & Dahl , O 2023 , ' Heavy Metals Decontamination Using a Renewable Source: Biochar ' , Journal of Water Technology and Treatment Methods , vol. 4 , no. 1 , 130 . https://doi.org/10.31021/JWT.20234130