Art and Design: A Comprehensive Guide for Creative Artists

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School of Arts, Design and Architecture | Master's thesis
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Degree Programme in Graphic Design
Graafisen suunnittelun koulutusohjelma
Art and Design: A Comprehensive Guide for Creative Artists was carefully written as a knowledge base for art and design training, schoolwork and practice. Indeed, learners who will use this book will surely have a good start and they will also increase their awareness of the diversity of art and design—outside the physical limits of a classroom. We use Art and Design to learn about other people, their cultures and values; to communicate and to express our thoughts and feelings. Art can be used in different traditional ways like worships, adoration and ceremonies. Art and Design, A Comprehensive Guide for Creative Artists provides it all with scholarly academic instructions associated with the needs of local people. This book also argues that creative artists should remember to consider their actual application of ideas to practices. It provides feasible guidance to continuous working during school sessions and after classroom as a way of increasing learners' curiosities on every side of learning. Hence, maintain proficiency. Art and Design, A Comprehensive Guide for Creative Artists has provided suggestions of ideas to artists especially art learners, with various ways of developing and producing artworks from available sources of inspirations, by encouraging experimentation and innovative thinking where there is scarcity during learning, let alone materials of art are expensive. As a consequence of that, skills of creativity have been reinforced together with strategies of executing art by nurturing the learner to use found objects and local materials, tools and equipment—at some future time, a learning process shall reach the ambition of recycling.
Vapaasalo, Tapio
Art and Design, teaching guide, Uganda
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  • literal report of the book project