Elements of Ship Dynamics and Marine Hydromechanics - Lecture Notes

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School of Engineering | D5 Oppikirja, ammatillinen käsi- tai opaskirja tai sanakirja
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Aalto University publication series SCIENCE + TECHNOLOGY, 4/2022
The concept of ship dynamics has a very wide meaning, embracing the fundamentals of both deterministic and performance-based methods. A Naval Architect is expected to have sound appreciation of theoretical concepts of relevance to the prediction and validation of ship seakeeping, dynamic stability, added resistance and manoeuvring in waves. This set of course notes attempts an introduction to the subject along the lines of a synonymous Marine Technology course delivered at Aalto University. The information is presented in ten chapters corresponding to ten lectures and should be considered auxiliary to class tutorials and ship design focused coursework. Special emphasis is attributed on ocean waves, seakeeping, maneuvering and associated principles of marine hydromechanics. The content assumes good knowedge of principles of Naval Architecture, Marine Engineering and is appropriate for last year undergraduate, MSc and DSc students as well as early career professionals. Additional useful information is included in the textbooks:  [1] Hirdaris, S., Mikkola, T.K. (2021). Ship Dynamics for Performance Based Design and Risk Averse Operations, MDPI, Bassel, Switzerland, ISBN: 978-3-0365-0617-3 1.  [2] Hirdaris, S. (2021). Lecture Notes on Basic Naval Architecture, Aalto University publication series SCIENCE + TECHNOLOGY, 6/2021, eISBN: 978-952-64-0486-8  [3] Matusiak, J. (2021). Dynamics of a Rigid Ship - with applications Aalto University publication series on Science and Technology, ISBN: 978-952-64-0399-1 I am grateful to my DSc students Ghalib Taimuri, Mingyang Zhang and Teaching Assistants Zeiad Abdelghafor, Hassan Yosri and Aaron Körkkö for their support during the preparation of this material.
ship dynamics, marine hydromechanics, ship design
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