Effects of the situation in Ukraine on global supply chains of inputs of agribusiness and the resilience of food system in Finland

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School of Business | Bachelor's thesis
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At the latest, Covid-19 showed the world that we are highly dependent on global supply chains. This dependence can be also seen in agribusiness and food production. The aim of this thesis is to discuss the global dependence of agricultural inputs, such as sowing seeds, fertilizers, plant-protection agents, and machinery used in agribusiness, in Finland. These inputs are a key element in Finnish food production and without these we would face serious problems. We will provide a background for examining resilience of supply chains in agribusiness and then discuss the dependencies in inputs that Finnish agribusiness has. After this we will also examine the effects of Ukrainian war on supply chains of inputs considering the dependencies. A set of problems in supply chains occurred when Russia attacked Ukraine in the spring of 2022. Ukraine is a big producer of agricultural products and Russia has massive natural resources that are exported to Finland and all over Europe. The global supply chains of inputs have been affected. In this thesis we will examine and analyse the effect that Finnish agribusiness had when problems occurred with imports and exports of agricultural inputs due the Ukrainian war. Analysing the information of resilience and comparing it to the results of secondary data analysis, we will have better understanding in the effect of war to Finnish agribusiness. Dependencies mentioned in the background can be seen in the data. Additionally, the data and discussion provide us with information on possibilities to improve the resilience of supply chains of agribusiness. Resilience can be added with various methods, but sources of some inputs should have more variety to achieve more resilient supply chains.
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Kauppi, Katri
agribusiness supply chain, external supply, supply chain risks, self-sufficiency, security of food supply, supply chain resilience, Ukrainian war, Finland
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