Komponenttien tilaus-toimitusprosessin kehittäminen toimitusketjuun Suomen ja Kiinan välillä

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The objective of this M.Sc. thesis was to research components' order-supply process between Wärtsilä Delivery Centre Vaasa and recently founded joint venture company Wärtsilä Qiayo Diesel Company in China. The purpose was to define the order-supply process and then propose improvements for critical phases in the process. The theoretical part of this study is divided in two sections. The first part discusses business process planning and reengineering. The second part introduces theory of supply chain strategies and transportation options between points in a supply chain. In the beginning of this research the order-supply process between DCV and WQDC was only roughly planned. Present-state analysis in this thesis generated a specific description for the components' order-supply process between these two factories. Four critical functions were chosen for more detailed analysis. The functions were transportation options between Finland and China, reclamation process, post deliveries and the localisation procedure for the components. Transportation of materials between points in the supply chain does not add any value to the product. Because of this, cost efficiency is important for the deliveries between points in supply chain. It is also important that supply chain strategy will support company's higher strategies. As a conclusion, based on the analytical study, the sea transport is the best transport mode for the deliveries between DCV and WQDC. Delivery consolidation was also suggested for saving time in the supply chain. In the final part of the thesis, processes for critical phases were defined. Reclamations and post deliveries are non-necessary and non-value adding operations. However, these functions can not be, totally eliminated and, for this reason, the functions should be rationalized. Recommendations and development plans for these processes are presented in the final part of the thesis.
Tanskanen, Kari
Thesis advisor
Mäntymaa, Hannu
Häkli, Jarmo
transportation, kuljetukset, supply chain, toimitusketju, order-supply process, tilaustoimitusprosessi, process development, prosessinkehitys
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