Biomass based oxyfuel combustion in CHP power plant with opportunity of oxygen storage system for carbon capture and storage

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Insinööritieteiden korkeakoulu | Master's thesis
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73 s.
Carbon dioxide (CO2) emission from coal-based power plants is one of the major environmental concerns since coal will remain as a dominant source of energy for the next few decades. Therefore, the CO2 emission requires to be decreased and move towards renewable energy sources to meet the environmental and sustainability targets. However, it will not be able to meet the worldwide energy demand because of the limited commercialization of renewable energy sources. As coal is the most leading energy source, it is necessary to divert a considerable phase of research work in CO2 capture and utilization for coal-based power plants to achieve the global environmental targets. In this thesis, overall features for power plant process modeling and optimization with the provision of carbon capture, oxyfuel combustion and district heating have been analyzed. The process model was designed and simulated by Prosim software changing the key parameters of coal and biomass blending and various district heating loads. The simulation results for the proposed power plant explain the effect of biomass co-firing on net efficiency (heat and power) and power consumption for Air Separation Unit (ASU), oxygen storage linked with grid electricity price and analysis of power to heat ratio. From the analysis, increased net efficiency was originated with adding more biomass with coal. This research work also focuses the general economic evaluation for oxygen storage in relation to electricity and district heating price with optimization software GAMS. Most of the research works in this field are concentrating towards carbon capture and storage only. The approach behind the thesis focuses to incorporate different variables for a proposed system along with effect of selected key variables for the process optimization.
Järvinen, Mika
Martin, Andrew
Thesis advisor
Laukkanen, Timo
Saeed, Loay
oxyfuel combustion, carbon capture, simulation, process optimization, oxygen storage
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