Sustainable Energy Systems: Optimization and Efficiency

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A1 Alkuperäisartikkeli tieteellisessä aikakauslehdessä
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Applied Sciences (Switzerland), Volume 10, issue 12
The world population is growing at a very high rate, which also entails a massive increase in energy consumption, and also, therefore, in its production, which is gradually and steadily increasing. Energy and the environment are essential to achieving sustainable development, and constitute a fundamental part of human activity. If we consider energy efficiency as the use of an appliance, process or installation for which we try to produce more energy, but with less energy consumption than the average for these appliances, processes or installations, then achieving a higher energy efficiency is imperative. Energy efficiency is a cornerstone policy on the road to stopping climate change and to achieving sustainable societies, along with the development of renewable energy and an environmentally friendly transport policy. In this Special Issue, 11 selected and peer-reviewed articles have been contributed, on a wide range of topics under the umbrella of sustainable energy systems. The published articles encompassdistinct areas of interest. One area addresses distributed generation, which addresses such topics as the optimal planning of distributed generation, protection of blind areas in distribution networks, multi-objective optimization in distributed generation, energy management of virtual power plants in distributed generation, and the impact of demand-response programs on a home microgrid, as well as concentrating solar power into a highly renewable, penetrated power system. The second section of the Special Issue addresses a wide range of topics, from parametric studies of 2 MW gas engines or data centers, to combustion characteristics of a non-premixed oxy-flame, to new techniques of PV Tracking, to applications of nanofluids in the thermal performance enhancement of parabolic trough solar collectors.
Sustainable energy systems, Energy optimization, Renewable energy, Distributed generation, Energy efficiency, Energy policy, Multi-energy systems, Power generation and systems, Electric and hydrogen mobility, Building and home energy management, Entransy and exergy analyses, Fuels, Energy
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Matias , J C D O , Godina , R & Pouresmaeil , E 2020 , ' Sustainable Energy Systems: Optimization and Efficiency ' , Applied Sciences (Switzerland) , vol. 10 , no. 12 , 4405 , pp. 4405-4408 .