Fast Fashion – the environmental challenges and consumer attitudes toward the industry

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School of Business | Bachelor's thesis
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(Mikkeli) Bachelor’s Program in International Business
Objectives The main objectives of this study were to explore the environmental issues of the fast fashion industry and the consumer attitudes towards it, in addition to analyzing the possibilities for sustainable changes the industry can intel. Summary The term and evolution of fast fashion were introduced prior to the literature review, which consisted of research regarding the environmental issues of the fast fashion industry, consumer attitudes towards it and the possibilities for a more sustainable fast fashion market. A conceptual framework was presented based on this research, which presented the different relationships between attitudes and behavior toward the fast fashion industry, as well as environmental awareness. A qualitative interview was conducted via a focus group, in order to gain information regarding the consumer attitudes towards the fast fashion industry and the surrounding factors on a more descriptive level. Following the interviews, the data is analyzed, and findings were conducted to meet the research objectives of this study. Conclusions Several environmental challenges of the fast fashion industry were found, such as the use of unsustainable materials, packaging, transporting and waste. The consumer attitudes toward the industry were discovered to be mostly negative and a relationship to environmental awareness and behavior was found. For a more sustainable industry, textile waste and resource consumption should be reduced, and more environmentally friendly materials used. Consumers should be affected into purchasing less and utilizing most out of the purchased clothing in addition to companies being more transparent, honest and clear about their sustainability initiatives.
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Mirońska, Dominika
fast fashion, sustainability, environmental sustainability, consumer attitudes
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