Customer Acquisition and Retention System Using Mobile and Social Media

dc.contributorAalto Universityen
dc.contributor.advisorManner, Jukka
dc.contributor.authorKaruppusamy, Sivakumar
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dc.contributor.supervisorManner, Jukka
dc.description.abstractIn a modern world, growing number of people is getting connected through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. In other side, more and more people have started using mobile phones to find, view and share information about products and services of businesses. This brings the unique opportunity for business owners to establish new customer channels and engage existing customers on their brand by using social media and mobile technologies. Despite business owners understand this opportunity, their lack of technological know-how and fragmented mobile and social media platforms makes the social media marketing harder. The proposed solution attempts to eliminate this problem by providing an easy to use online service with a set of tools and methods for business owners to create, manage and measure the social media campaigns in an easy and cost effective way. The proposed solution also eases the end customer participation to social media campaigns by using a QR code based instant scan technique. The overall effectiveness of this solution has been measured in terms of benefits received by businesses, for instance brand awareness created, new customers acquired, brand reach ability and customer engagement happened through social media campaigns. In addition, the practical viability of the proposed solution as a growth business has been evaluated by using Business Model Canvas tool. The internal and external forces which can affect this solution as a growth business has been evaluated by using the SWOT analysis technique.en
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dc.titleCustomer Acquisition and Retention System Using Mobile and Social Mediaen
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