Community supported agriculture & codesign

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School of Arts, Design and Architecture | Master's thesis
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P1 OPINNÄYTTEET D 2019 van Twuijver
Degree programme
Collaborative and Industrial Design
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An increase in demand for organic locally produced food, the maturation of small-scale profitable farming practices, and a diversification in direct marketing models, such as Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), enable new business opportunities for (aspiring) farmers to develop small-scale food production systems. As these forms of production might play a more important role in transitioning towards sustainable local food production, insight is needed on under which premises they operate. That is why the objective of this thesis is to examine these developments from a co-design perspective. Because the field of design contains a broad notion of participation accompanied by a wide range of approaches, methods and tools, design can play an important role in identifying possible strategies that could help farmers understand and act upon the partnerships present in CSA. In reaching this objective, this thesis is an account of the planning process of a CSA subscription model at a starting farm in Finland. It describes how the farmer relates to other actors involved, what factors influence decisions and how the design of the subscription model (might) evolve over time. This research is comprised of three parts. The first part contains a desktop study on the overall developments of CSA, as well as an overview of different approaches in which people are involved in design processes. The second part follows the planning and decision making process of a CSA subscription model on a small-scale farm in Espoo, Finland, as well as an analysis of the planning and decision making process through a co-design lens and by linking the observations made of the case study to the overall developments of CSA. In the final part possible future scenarios and design approaches for the further development of the CSA model are identified.
Hyysalo, Sampsa
Thesis advisor
Kallio, Galina
community supported agriculture, CSA, codesign, iterative design processes, participant observation, permaculture, producer consumer relationship, direct marketing
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