How to integrate and visualise customer demand for strategic competence management

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School of Business | Master's thesis
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Information and Service Management (ISM)
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The primary objective of this thesis is the integration and visualisation of customer demand for strategic competence development in Siili Solution Oyj. This research uses the following three research questions to discover a solution for Siili Solutions Oyj with practical relevance: 1) What are the essential organisational and technological success factors in the development of the competence management system in the case organisation? 2) What is the data quality in the case organisation’s current competence management system? and 3) How can information, technology and analytics be used to integrate and visualise customer demand for the case organisation? The research method used in this thesis is based on design science principles. The objective of the research method was to solve appropriate business problems using technology. The research was conducted in two phases. First, in the data profiling analysis, the structure, content and quality of the competence management system data were investigated. The prototype for integrating and visualising the customer demand was designed based on the findings of the data profiling analysis. Second, using semi- structured interviews, the relevance of the implemented prototype for the operating environment was assessed. Knowledge-intensive organisations are using technology and information to build innovative and relevant services to the modern digital business environment. These organisations are dependent on the availability of “knowledge workers” who have become one of the critical factors in current economic productivity and growth. Also, there has been a limited amount of activity in the field of enterprise system research about competence management. Based on the collected evidence in this research, the integration and visualisation of customer demand will help business managers to communicate competence needs in a more explicit manner, HR can better support internal competence development, the operative management of competence will be more productive and the recruitment function will be more efficient in finding suitable candidates for the organisation.
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Hekkala, Riitta
design science research, competence management system, information management, enterprise system
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