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A Study on Return to Player Percentage via Form-Based Betting in Football
(2024) Kivekäs, Konrad; Seppälä, Tomi; Tieto- ja palvelujohtamisen laitos; Kauppakorkeakoulu; School of Business
Betting on sports has been done for over two millennia. Apart from the more casual gambling aspect of the sports betting markets different strategies and prediction models have been built to find profits for investors. The possibilities that sport betting markets as a ground for investments and experimentation provide has been researched thoroughly through the last half a century. Sports betting markets have offered similar opportunities for experimentation and investing as financial markets and these markets have been seen as quite like one another. Some claim to have cracked the secrets of sports betting and some do indeed earn a profit from their investment. The reality still is that the business could never have boomed if every player could be able to make profits and the business thrives upon losing players. All is tied to the house’s edge or the bookies cut. Bookies determine the odds and offer these to the players. If a player would blindly choose any odd the expected return for the investment would be 93 % of the initial investment. This figure is the return to player percentage, and it showcases how the bookies make their money. The primary objective of this thesis is to examine if momentum or a team’s current form can be used as an indicator of how they will play their next match. The study will be made by examining the return to player percentage that form based betting offers in different football leagues. Effects of momentum have been researched and momentum shifts particularly have been investigated in the field of sports betting and finance. This thesis focuses on the last 5 games a football team has played and makes a verdict on how the team has performed. By looking at the last 5 games a team has played a bet will or will not be placed depending on the momentum or more simply put the form of the team. Using historical data from 2012-2023 different teams from the English Premier League, Italian Serie A, German Bundesliga and Finnish Veikkausliiga a program is used to cycle through all teams that have played in this period. Two separate studies are made on this premise, one that examines if winning teams keep on winning and another that examines if losing teams keep on losing. The results are pooled by league and return to player percentages, average odds on placed bets, standard deviation of return to player percentages and bets placed are stored for each team. The secondary objective of this thesis is to determine are there discrepancies amongst the leagues and do some leagues offer higher return to player percentages using the two strategies described. Apart from the quantitative analysis of the historical data a literature review is provided introducing the frameworks and studies done in the field. Examinations on strategies used in sports betting, how the market fluctuates and the rationale of gamblers are provided. The results seem to be in favor of form-based betting. The implementations of the two strategies for the four different leagues yielded results that 7 out of 8 times the return to player percentages were higher than the return to player percentage that bookies offer (93%). The strategies do not offer a chance to make profits but form as a key performance indicator could be considered.
Arctic Battle Uniform
(2024) Antila, Juhana; Peltonen, Elina; muo; Taiteiden ja suunnittelun korkeakoulu; School of Arts, Design and Architecture; Hyötyläinen, Ilona
Opinnäytetyö käsittelee funktionaalista vaatesuunnittelua puolustusteollisen ja talvisten olosuhteiden viitekehyksestä. Työ on tehty yhteistyössä suomalaisen puolustusalan start-up yrityksen Polar Apexin kanssa ja se kertoo koko prosessin siitä, miten ainutlaatuinen arktiseen sodankäyntiin suunniteltu tuoteperhe saatiin aikaiseksi.
Independent Cinemas Beyond Auditoriums
(2024) Ligaj, Marta; Joseph, Antony; Sanchez, Camilo; muo; Taiteiden ja suunnittelun korkeakoulu; School of Arts, Design and Architecture; Chun, Namkyu
Independent Cinemas in the United Kingdom carry significant cultural value, providing audiences with high-quality entertainment. Regrettably, the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic profoundly impacted cinemas’ performance causing attendance rates to drop dramatically. As cinemas largely depend on income provided by young audiences, many venues in the UK are now facing severe financial challenges. Further, numerous venues are at risk of closure which would imply a great loss for the culture industry. Due to significant changes in the entertainment industry triggered by the pandemic, Independent Cinemas can no longer rely on pre-pandemic offers that can otherwise be referred to as the “classic cinema experience”. Instead, new services should cater to the current young audience’s needs and expectations. To date, there has been a lack in research on factors hindering young audiences’ attendance and their preferences regarding services in Independent Cinemas. No studies have been conducted on this topic since the COVID-19 pandemic, making available resources outdated. Therefore, this thesis aims to address the identified research gap by conducting a literature review followed by semi-structured interviews with young audience members and design consultants. Material collected during the research will help in understanding the young audience’s preferences and identifying hindrances to their attendance. Subsequently, several design interventions will be conceptualised to improve services in Independent Cinemas. As identified in the study, the primary hindrance to more frequent audience attendance is a lack of information accessibility regarding offers in Independent Cinemas. Young audiences often do not know where to obtain information on events taking place in cinemas or are completely unfamiliar with such services being offered. To invite more audiences to the venues, information on services provided by Independent Cinemas should be made easily available and visible to young audiences. Further, Independent Cinemas should focus on introducing services that promote social interactions. As a result of long-lasting restrictions, young audiences feel deprived of opportunities to socialise which motivates them to meet like-minded people. Therefore, Independent Cinemas could offer social events like film-related discussions and Q&As to encourage more frequent attendance. Finally, Independent Cinemas should encourage longer stays inside the venue by creating third places. The above could make young people feel more inclined to spend time in venues before and after screenings, providing opportunities to familiarise themselves with program offers and the environment. Independent Cinemas could therefore introduce areas where audience members sit down to talk, read or study. Independent Cinemas should begin a dialogue with audiences to understand their expectations and be able to respond to them. By employing accurate service design offers, cinemas could manage the challenge of decreased audience attendance. Keywords Independent Cinemas, Service Design, COVID-19, Cinema Experience, Young Audiences, Cinema Attendance
Low-tech Music Festivals: a European exploration of alternative approaches and tools for socio-environmental event design
(2024) Serre, Matteo; Chun, Namkyu; artmed; Taiteiden ja suunnittelun korkeakoulu; School of Arts, Design and Architecture; Chun, Namkyu
In the face of growing concerns about the environmental impact of human activities, Music Festivals have increasingly been pointed out as noteworthy contributors to climate change (energy, water, and food consumption). However, the will to develop culture and art through music events should not forget its environmental impact of its activities. Previous papers and organizations have analyzed the different techniques for organizers, participants, artists, and managers to lower the impact of their field. Indeed, it is necessary to understand how to do so. Therefore, this thesis conducts qualitative research involving interviews with festival organizers to discover the benefits of socio-environmentally focused alternatives. On one hand, it conducts a more in-depth exploration of the Low-tech innovations for lighting, infrastructure, and scenography. On the other hand, it dissects the alternative approaches to organize a music festival (Localized and Mobile festivals). This study provides an overview on the issues of Music Festivals, the importance and power of such practice, and interlinking topics about durable partying and community building. Indeed, Music Festival organizers should partake in repurposing materials or hacking “outdated” equipment (video projector), building low-energy electric systems with optimized stage design, and tools for transportable live performance (bike trolleys). This thesis concludes that, similarly to the Low-tech philosophy, Music Festivals should be decentralized, favoring localism and cultural outreach, reducing their audience capacity, and most importantly raising awareness and changing social norms. As a result, Music festivals become experimental platforms for durable alternative community building and societal organization.
Prototyping Cellulosic Textile Concepts in Fashion: A Literature-Based Process Overview and a Student-Informed Designerly Framework for Early-Stage Material Development
(2024) Hódosi, Natasa; Kollman, Talvikki; muo; Taiteiden ja suunnittelun korkeakoulu; School of Arts, Design and Architecture; Chun, Namkyu
The increasing demand for fabrics, coupled with the widespread use of synthetic materials, has raised significant environmental concerns, prompting a reevaluation of raw material choices. Biomaterials derived from renewable biopolymers offer a promising alternative to materials obtained from synthetic polymers. By adopting a designerly approach to the initial phase of material development, where innovative concepts are generated, and creating corresponding teaching materials, novel opportunities for more sustainable solutions can be realized. Additionally, evaluating these materials within their intended context allows for the effective comparison of alternatives. This thesis investigated the prototyping of cellulosic textile concepts within conceptual fashion design. A process overview was first developed by reviewing relevant literature and analyzing key process elements across concepts. Based on this overview, production work was carried out with a focus on early-stage material development, guided by the Chemarts’ iterative inquiry process phases. This approach validated the overview and facilitated an understanding of the perspectives to be explored in the subsequent qualitative data collection and analysis. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with arts students experienced in early-stage material development to investigate the adaptation of a designerly approach within the process. The findings were summarized in a framework and proposed as the guiding tool for the process focus established in the literature-based overview.