Aaltodoc - Aalto University Publication Archive instructions

You may start a new submission by logging in to service (Shibboleth) and choosing —> "Submissions" —> "start a new submission". Agreement on electronic publishing is required for open access publications. PDF/A is recommended format for archived publications.

PDF/A -document format

PDF/A is an ISO-standardized version of the Portable Document Format (PDF) specialized for the digital preservation of electronic documents. PDF/A differs from PDF by omitting features ill-suited to long-term archiving. Library recommends ISO-standardized versions PDF/A-1a, PDF/A-1b & PDF/A-2.

PDF/A conversion

Converting a file to PDF/A compliant version (pdf)

Guide to making a PDF/A-compliant thesis file

Guide to making a PDF/A-compliant thesis file (pdf)

dc.contributor.advisorThesis advisor
dc.contributor.authorAuthor of the publication
dc.contributor.supervisorThesis supervisor
dc.date.dateacceptedDate, thesis accepted/approved
dc.date.issuedPublishing date/year
dc.description.abstractAbstract of the publication
dc.description.version(revieved / not reviewed)
dc.format.extentNumber of pages
dc.format.mimetypeMIME-type, usually (application/pdf)
dc.identifier.isbnISBN-number (International Standard Book Number)
dc.identifier.issnISSN-number (International Standard Serial Number)
dc.identifier.urnUrn-identifier (Permanent address of the item)
dc.language.isoISO language code
dc.programme.majorMajor subject
dc.programme.mcodeMajor subject code
dc.relation.haspartPublication parts, f.e. list of articles
dc.relation.isbasedonPublication is based on (work)
dc.relation.ispartofPublication is part of (Compiled work)
dc.relation.ispartofseriesSeries name
dc.rights.holderRights holder
dc.rightsPublication rights
dc.subject.heleconHelecon controlled term
dc.subject.otherAaltodoc classification
dc.titleTitle of the publication
dc.typeContent type, OPM-classification
dc.type.dcmitypeContent type, f.e. (text)
dc.type.ontasotThesis level
Aalto University Publication Archive subjects can be found here.

Referring to an article/publication deposited in the Aaltodoc Publication Archive

If an article/publication has been published earlier, the reference is made to the original publishing context or platform.

If you also want to refer to the version saved in the Aaltodoc Publication Archive, use the permanent URN-address.