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    Aalto University Undergraduate Centre : The Accessible Renovation of Alvar Aalto's Heritage
    (Design For All Institute of India, 2016) Raike, Antti; Ahlava, Antti; Skyttä, Pauliina; Tuomi, Teemu; Kampuspalvelut; Campus Services; Palvelut; Services
    The main building of the former Helsinki University of Technology (TKK) designed by Alvar Aalto is part of the cultural heritage in Finland. The building underwent a major renovation in 2011–2015 and has now become an awarded Undergraduate Centre for the modern interdisciplinary education of Aalto University. This paper presents how the architectural masterpiece from the 1960’s was renovated and updated into a modern and accessible university building. Particular attention was paid for entering the building by wheelchairs, prams and pushchairs. The successful renovation was awarded in 2015 by the ‘Esteetön Suomi -palkinto’ (Accessible Finland Award), given every two years as a mark of recognition to activities or locations implementing the principles of accessibility and universal design for all on a broad scale and in a nationally significant way.
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    Kuka pelastaisi kaukopalvelun
    (Kansalliskirjasto, 2006) Muhonen, Ari; Library; Kirjasto
    Interlibrary lending in Finnish university libraries is diminishing rapidly, and if the current trend continues like this it will vanish altogether by the year 2009. Drastic measures and new ideas are needed. User-initiated requests, sharing resources and automation of the process have been the keys to success elsewhere in the world. The author calls for changes in attitudes and library policies to move towards this new direction.
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    Sharing resources in Finnish university libraries : reorganising the national document supply system
    (Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 2006) Muhonen, Ari; Jauhiainen, Annu; Vattulainen, Pentti; Library; Kirjasto
    Purpose – To describe the development of interlending and document supply (ILDS) in Finland and the recent initiative to move to patron initiated ILDS. Design/methodology/approach – Historical narrative and analysis. Findings – That ILDS in Finland is declining primarily because of the "Big Deals" and the introduction of ILDS charges after the privatisation of the postal service. That Finland needs to move to a more developed patron initiated culture for the supply of documents to users. Practical implications – The need for further ILDS software development has been identified in order to underpin unmediated ILDS; this will be progressed during 2006. Originality/value – Provides information on the current ILDS situation in Finland and to a lesser extent other Nordic countries. Provides an insight into how a European country is moving towards unmediated ILDS.